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Motherboard Repair

motherboard replacement factor

Before changing the motherboard, it is necessary to take into account the form factor.

Stores and Internet resources offer us a huge number of devices, of a wide variety of sizes, of which there can be hundreds. For example, one of the most famous ATX brands is available in versions from mini to micro. Therefore, studying only the characteristics is not enough, you also need to take into account the dimensions of the board.

Pay attention to the specifications!

The second most important point is the properties and characteristics of the purchased motherboard. The problem is that not all devices can work with certain types of MP. As a rule, only a hard drive, a floppy drive and a couple more components differ in versatility in this matter.


Software installation.

After mounting the motherboard, the installation of the software part begins directly. At the same time, at the initial stage, not all devices are connected, they are simply not needed. First of all, set up:

  • CPU;
  • RAM;
  • Video card;
  • Motherboard power.

We are looking for drivers for the board Motherboard.

ChipsetAfter most of the work is done, start working with the firmware. The most important part of the MP is the chipset – a small chip, next to which there is a huge number of different parts. All drivers are installed one by one to prevent software problems.